The goal of the Ammon Pool Advocates group is to raise sufficient funds to build a new pool to replace the aging Ammon Pool facility. The Ammon Pool is beloved by the community, but it is definitely showing its age.

Did you know that the capacity of the Ammon Pool is 120 people, but it is currently limited to 75 people to keep the water clear? The pool equipment is no longer able to keep up with the full capacity in the water, so it must be limited to prevent cloudy water conditions that compromise safety.

Each Day, the Ammon Pool hosts up to 1,000 swimming patrons – that reaches approximately 70,000 people over a summer season!

In a survey conducted by the Ammon Pool Advocates, more than 70% of the community is in favor of building a new pool to address the issues with the current pool.

In the same survey, approximately 52% of the responses supported a hybrid facility (with both indoor and outdoor functionality) and approximately 38% supported an indoor facility. This goes to show that the community is aware of the cold winters and short summers that we have here in Idaho.

The continued growth in the communities in and around Ammon has increased the demand on the aquatic facilities that are currently available. If the Ammon Pool is lost, it will be a big loss to the community at large.

We want to build a larger facility that is covered, but with outdoor areas that will be able to handle the increased population in our area over a wider range of outside weather.

Our goal is to build a 8-10 lane pool that will have a shallow end and a diving well. We are working to raise funds through our 501(c)3 organization to design and build the facility, which will then be turned over to the City of Ammon to continue the legacy of swimming in our great community.