The Ammon City Kids’ Triathlon is an annual event to raise money in support of building a New Pool in Ammon.

Funds raised will be used by the Ammon Pool Advocates group to advance the effort to design and build a replacement for the aging Ammon Pool!

The Ammon Kids’ Triathlon will Be July 1, 2023!

The triathlon is in McCowin Park in Ammon. The swim leg starts in the pool, and then the bike and running legs are in the park.

There are four levels:

  • Mini
    • 25 Yard Swim
    • 0.5 Mile Bike
    • 0.25 Mile Run
  • Mega
    • 50 Yard Swim
    • 1 Mile Bike
    • 0.5 Mile Run
  • Mega Plus
    • 100 Yard Swim
    • 2 Mile Bike
    • 1 Mile Run
  • Monster
    • 200 Yard Swim
    • 2 Mile Bike
    • 1 Mile Run

Each level is limited to 50 entrants.

    Here are the results for the 2023 Triathlon! Congratulations to all the participants!