Welcome to the website for the Ammon Pool Advocates group!

Our mission is to work with the City of Ammon, Idaho to raise the funds to replace the aging Ammon Pool with a new facility that will better serve the community of Ammon.

The Ammon Pool was originally built in 1967 (it is 55 years old!), and it is showing its age. Every season that it stays operational is a successful one, but it gets less and less likely that it will be able to keep operating as costs of needed repairs continue to go up.

 If you have been to the pool recently, you may have noticed that the number of swimmers has been limited – you might think this was due to the COVID pandemic, and in part, that is true – but an additional factor is that the pool equipment is no longer able to keep up with a lot of swimmers. If too many people are in the pool at once, the water becomes cloudy, and that is an unsafe situation for swimmers. 


The Ammon Pool Advocates are a committee of community members that have organized to raise community awareness of the current state of the pool and raise the funds for a replacement